Innovative drug R&D







  New drug R & D department is a professional platform for Beijing Honghui New Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. to develop innovative drugs. It started with the international cro technology at the beginning of the company's establishment in 2002


        We have formed a high-level expert team with decades of experience in new drug R & D and a dynamic young business backbone team, which can undertake the research and development of new chemical drugs from early drug discovery to early drug discovery


        A series of work related to preclinical research and ind declaration of selected compounds. The research fields of new drug R & D department include neuroprotective drugs, antithrombotic drugs and water-soluble CBD drugs


        In addition, we have accumulated chemical synthesis experience in drug outsourcing services over the past 20 years, and also provide customized synthesis services for drug impurity reference materials and other high-end chemicals.





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