Antithrombotic drugs

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       Antithrombotic is the focus of drug research and development of Beijing Honghui New Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd

       One of the domains includes anticoagulants and antiplatelet drugs, in which antiplatelet drugs are targeted

        We have set up a "R & D community" with foreign scientific research institutions, and are developing and developing it

        P2Y12 receptor reversible binding drugs, the goal is to improve the effectiveness of antithrombotic therapy and

        Reduce the patients taking ticagrelor and other similar adverse reactions.







Representative antiplatelet drugs of P2Y12 receptor



Ticlopidine: irreversible adp-p2y12 receptor antagonist; Listed in 1991



Clopidogrel: irreversible adp-p2y12 receptor antagonist; Listed in 1997



Prasugrel: irreversible adp-p2y12 receptor antagonist; Listed in 2009



Ticagrelor: reversible adp-p2y12 receptor antagonist, oral; Listed in 2011



Cangrelor: reversible adp-p2y12 receptor antagonist, only for injection; Listed in 2015





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