New neuroprotective drugs

Time:2020-07-30  |   Frequency:
            The brain is the command center of our body, and its nerve damage usually has serious consequences. Stroke is one of the important causes of nerve damage  
           According to the stroke prevention report 2018, there are 12.42 million stroke patients in residents over 40 years old. One stroke occurs every 12 seconds and one person dies every 21 seconds  
           Among them, 1.96 million people die of stroke every year. The disability rate of more than 75% of the survivors makes most patients stay with hemiplegia, aphasia and other symptoms for life, which not only costs the country a lot every year  
           Hundreds of billions of funds have also brought rehabilitation and nursing problems to society and families.  
    We are committed to improving the quality of life of stroke patients. Stroke neuroprotective drugs can significantly reduce the neurological damage caused by cerebral ischemia in animal models,  
  At present, we are conducting comprehensive preclinical trials on candidate drugs to prepare for the new drug ind.  






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