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 Talent concept    Training mechanism   Career planning
      Through the establishment of a scientific and effective talent mechanism, create a positive and good talent growth environment, committed to providing every employee with a stage to fully display their talents, And by constantly creating personal development opportunities. Let all kinds of talents have the opportunity and platform to achieve success and realize their self-worth.








        Full training, simultaneous improvement, innovation and progress, the development of the company needs more modern senior management personnel and professional technical personnel. Let every employee have opportunity to develop themselves, guide employees to fully understand themselves, develop themselves, manage themselves, and challenge themselves.






          Let the employees and the company grow and develop together is the talent development concept. Honghui encourages employees to integrate their own development with the company's long-term planning, Provide employees with multiple growth paths and development models, As a platform for employees to develop, improve and realize value. Honghui strives to create good growth conditions for every employee, and provides a broad development space for every employee who is determined to become a talent, so that employees can play their greatest potential. Realize the common development of employees and the company.


 Job Offers


 Number of recruits  work place 

Education and major

 Pharmaceutical researcher 2  Beijing

Bachelor degree or above, major in pharmacy, traditional Chinese pharmacy or pharmacy.

Drug Analysis Researcher

 2  Beijing

Bachelor degree or above, major in pharmaceutical analysis, analytical chemistry or pharmacy, organic chemistry, etc.

Drug Synthesis Researcher

3  Beijing

Bachelor degree or above, major in organic chemistry, chemistry, pharmacy, etc.

Drug Metabolism Researcher

 1  Beijing

Bachelor degree or above, major in drug metabolism, pharmacology, etc.

Pharmacodynamic Researcher

 1  Beijing

Bachelor degree or above, major in pharmacology.


 1  Beijing

Doctor degree, major in pharmacology, medicine, toxicology, pharmacology, ophthalmology, etc.



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