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On January 23, on New Year's Eve, when the whole family reunited, Wuhan, the thoroughfare of nine provinces and the capital of the first tier Province, announced the closure of the city; On the same night, medical staff from all over the country rushed to Wuhan; It was also from this day that the information of medical staff in urgent need of protective materials came from Wuhan and Hubei. At that time, the State expropriated all the mask factories and protective clothing factories, but the medical protection materials were still in urgent need.

Liu Wei realized that he was in the right direction to purchase epidemic prevention materials through overseas manufacturers, but the speed must be accelerated. On January 30, with the help of Ms. Zhang Jian, the founding shareholder of Beijing Jialin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Liu Wei finally found the German manufacturer of epidemic prevention materials. He immediately decided to purchase all the available products with a total value of more than 3.1 million yuan, and then urgently contacted the import and export customs declaration company, hoping to send them back to China as soon as possible. However, just when all the supplies were ready and about to leave for China, many European airlines announced that they would not fly all flights in China, and all the anti epidemic supplies purchased by Liu Wei were stranded in Europe.

At this time, China novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in early February, and the number of confirmed and died cases in the news is increasing. The information on the Internet is flooded with the information that Wuhan medical workers and ordinary people need assistance. What Liu Wei pays most attention to is the protective materials for the front-line anti epidemic medical staff, because he knows that only by ensuring the safety of the medical staff can more people's lives be saved.

Liu Wei was very anxious and determined to send the materials back to China as soon as possible. In those days, he consulted about the way of returning foreign materials in various ways, and finally learned that Belgium and China Flights still had positions to transport materials in February. On February 24, anti epidemic materials, which had been in Europe for more than 20 days, finally arrived in Beijing, the capital of China.

Liu Wei contacted the Federation of industry and Commerce of Chaoyang District for the first time. On the morning of February 27, he donated 37410 pairs of protective glasses, 3700 pieces of fully enclosed protective clothing, 34750 protective masks and more than 3.1 million yuan worth of protest materials to Chaoyang District Health Committee through Chaoyang red cross.

Liu Wei said: "in this anti epidemic operation, the medical staff in the front line of anti epidemic use their lives to save lives. We are in the rear, do our best to provide protective materials for the medical staff, and do our best to protect their lives. We hope to pass on this love to them and pass on this love."



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